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What A Little Creativity Can Lead To……


So, it’s no  grande secreto that one of my favorite creative people of all time is the enigmatic Zoltron.  The other artist that I love the most (in the total, personal sense of the word) is a certain Hollis Rhodes. You may not have heard of him, YET, but that’s about to change.  This is what happens when the two artists collide:

This, eventually, becomes


When Zoltron first posted the tale I didn’t realize that the amazing art I was looking at was updated (if you will) by my very own BIL.  It soon became a bit of a local sensation, with several posts about it in Bay Area blogs (including Fecal Face).

Then, more bait was placed.  “Sue Nami” was born.

This version really demands a closer view, click on the image to see it close-up, the only way to really understand how much detail is really within the work.  It has so much going on, I could easily look at it for a half-hour and still not completely understand its full complexity.

The happy result of my two friends and their combined talent is going to be a show next month at Bi-Rite‘s 18 Reasons. Don’t miss it!