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We’ve been Softened!


I love getting surprises in the mail, it makes your day so much brighter. Even better is when I get something that not many other people know about.  It’s true, I love new things and getting the scoop on them before anyone else.  So lucky me, Purex sent me a new laundry softener to try out and I actually used it.  I have been averse to softeners ever since one brand (the kind you can find at a place like Whole Foods) caused a major rash in my “bathing suit area”.  Yikes.

Well, Purex Complete Crystals Softener changes the laundry softener game entirely.  Instead of an oil-based liquid formulation (like Downy or Snuggle), Purex Complete Crystals Softener comes as crystals just like kosher salt.  You simply pour theformula right into the washing machine along with your laundry load, that simple.

Oil-based liquid formulas coat your laundry making them unsuitable for towels (did you know that? All that softener you use to make your towels feel soft and smell fresh is actually decreasing your towels ability to absorb water).  Liquid softeners also make the flame-retardant on childrens sleepwear ineffective, so you need to spend extra time sorting those items out of the loads you intend to use softener on.  Hooray for that !  I am happier than a clam when there is less work to do.


I tossed my daughter’s lovey ( known as Lady Bunny) into a load with Purex Complete Crystals Softener a week ago and Lady Bunny still smells wonderful.  Now we sniff her each evening as part of our bedtime ritual, it’s pretty cute.  She smells better than she ever has. You should try it too!  The first three readers that can tell me three different things about this new product will win a coupon for a bottle of their own!

Look for Purex Complete Crystal Softener at a retailer near you!