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Better than a Shaun Cassidy poster


When I was little, I loved this Shaun Cassidy poster. When my friend Heather put me one the spot by asking me who I wanted to kiss, the only person I could come up with was Shaun. I didn’t want to kiss anybody but I knew that an answer was required, and at least Shaun was nice to look at. The only other crush I had was on Ponch. My best friend Lynn and I fought about it, she said that she liked Ponch. How was it possible for both of us to like him at the same time? No one liked Jon, except for my sister. She could have him, what a dumb, blonde bore. Poncherello had so much more going for him, he was funny, wild and SO handsome. Also, he was clearly the leader. I delivered some juvenile justice in order to settle the dispute between me and Lynn. “I said it first.” How could she argue with that?

I don’t have any posters of hot guys, but I am going to get one of these posters! They’re fresh off the press, and limited editions.
From the mouth of Zoltron:

“Zoltron’s Obama Poster is now available at Posters measure 19″ X 27″ and are printed with soy ink on recycled 100 lb gloss stock. Posters were printed in very limited quantities.

Each order ships with 2 posters in both the red and blue colorways and are available in quantities of 2 or 4 posters per order.

Any and all proceeds from the sales of these posters will go back into to creating more stickers and posters in support of Barack’s bid for President.”