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I’m Alive!


It’s true!  I haven’t posted in so darn long, but I’ve been pretty busy, I must admit.  Frankie turned one year old last week, truly hard to believe.  We actually celebrated her birthday in grand style, as we were in Madrid.  We met up with a large group of family members (all in Spain to attend my cousin’s wedding) at an amazing restaurant, El Mollete, for some outstanding tapas.  The birthday girl ate it all, with gusto.  The goat cheese and honey in puff pastry were amazing, as well as the eggs “Madrid style”, scrambled eggs rolled up in pastry and fried, literally egg rolls! The papas fritas we had came with a fried egg on top, the server (who is also the owner) breaks the yolk open and mixes it with the potatoes in a few deft movements, it’s so delicious.  We were completely full after enjoying a wonderful parade of delectable items.  Frankie was greeted with delight and kissed upon our exit by the owner, which was very sweet.

El Mollete

C/de la Bola, 4 28013 Madrid