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What A Little Creativity Can Lead To……


So, it’s no  grande secreto that one of my favorite creative people of all time is the enigmatic Zoltron.  The other artist that I love the most (in the total, personal sense of the word) is a certain Hollis Rhodes. You may not have heard of him, YET, but that’s about to change.  This is what happens when the two artists collide:

This, eventually, becomes


When Zoltron first posted the tale I didn’t realize that the amazing art I was looking at was updated (if you will) by my very own BIL.  It soon became a bit of a local sensation, with several posts about it in Bay Area blogs (including Fecal Face).

Then, more bait was placed.  “Sue Nami” was born.

This version really demands a closer view, click on the image to see it close-up, the only way to really understand how much detail is really within the work.  It has so much going on, I could easily look at it for a half-hour and still not completely understand its full complexity.

The happy result of my two friends and their combined talent is going to be a show next month at Bi-Rite‘s 18 Reasons. Don’t miss it!


Lovely (Hint of Tint) Lips!


photo thanks to I am slightly obsessed with inexpensive lip balm that adds shine and tint to my lips.  Above are the new Juicy lip balms from Wet n Wild, available only at CVS. They are an incredible deal at $2.99, and have SPF 15 to boot.  I bought the cherry and strawberry (top and bottom right), raspberry was sold out!  The cherry is great, adds some red and not too much. Strawberry is very pale pink, I imagine it would look really lovely on darker skin tones. I’m going to head back to get the raspberry, I’m certain that it has the most impact. These are big, chubby sticks! My favorite lip balm this summer is the Nivea Kiss of Flavor Strawberry balm.  It goes on with a perfectly sheer red tint and has a bit of shimmer too.  It’s not sparkly so it is perfect for all day wear.  The feel is perfectly light and the “kiss” of flavor is just right. It has an SPF of 4 and is also $2.99. Next up, Rose Petal Hydrating lip balm by Nuance Salma Hayek. This is another CVS only product. It’s just like the best-selling Smith’s Rosebud Salve, but with some sweetness added to it, which makes it a tad better in my opinion! You don’t get much tint at all, but it’s great at keeping my lips moist and smooth. It’s thicker than Smith’s too.  $7.29 Lastly, the new(ish), much touted Burt’s Bee’s tinted balms are as good as everyone says.  My favorite is Rose, but Hibiscus looks nice sometimes too!  They have such a great texture, so smooth and light. Next time? I’ll post my favorite UN-tinted balms (hint: EOS Mint is at the top of my list), glosses and lip stains (The Balm Stainiac, Benefit Cha Cha and Josie Maran Argan Beautiful Lips collection are at the top of my “must try” brands! Wouldn’t hurt if a Sephora gift card fell from the sky!)