Confession Time!


I love the haunting lilt of the Gotan Project’s music.  This tune is one of my favorites because they throw in some MCing which I am almost always down for.  But, to keep with the title of my postI  ‘ll let you in on some of my current thoughts.  There are some big things going on in my life. One of those is that my husband and I are currently in the process of buying a house.  I am sort of freaking out.  It’s SUCH a big deal, and brings up so many stressful feelings.  What is your confession?


About megstar73

I'm a 37 year old living in the East Bay near San Pablo Bay. I have worked as a Gallery Assistant at a small community college and am a medical assistant who has trained as a phlebotomist. I need to find time in my busy schedule as the mother of a very active toddler to study and get my phlebotomist's license. Interests include cheese, exotic beverages (not the alcoholic kind), ethnic food, improving my culinary skills, bacon, reading, music of all genres and combining all of the above together with friends! Last but not least, I love being the mother of a beautiful, sweet darling little girl. How lucky am I?

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  1. CONGRATS on your new house! I know, it’s stressful, but there’s something very grounding about owning your own home. 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the house Megan! That is a very big deal. I would love to know the house number so I could tell you what the number means… I’m such a nerdy number person who wants to know everyones numbers.., it’s weird. 8’s are money! Wish I lived in an 8 house. 2 is love.

    In tone with this post,
    I would like to confess that I don’t talk with my three older sisters and my mother because they only talk shit about me, each other, and everyone. I moved across country almost 10 years ago, in part, to get away from them. It makes me so sad but they are no good in my life so I had to cut them out like cancer. : (
    So embarrassing too. I mention this only because it happens to be a current issue in our household as we are planning another visit back east and we wont be seeing them again-ouch!
    Maybe not what you were expecting but thanks for letting me share. That was cathartic!

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