Bike Around My Town


This commercial makes me want to go out and find a spiffy bike just like the one everybody shares in this Kaiser Permanente commercial. The very first time I saw the ad I was captivated by the concept of people passing off the bike to each other. It reminded me of the community bikes in Amsterdam, and it has such a delightful song that is perfectly suited for the commercial, I was in love! Imagine my delight when I realized that the last few moments of it were filmed right around the corner from my home! It’s the part (0:50-1:00) where the white haired man rounds a corner and rides toward a tunnel, that’s Point Richmond! The song “Ride”, was written by Nylon Studios, of Sydney, Australia who write music for film and advertising. You may read more about them at


About megstar73

I'm a 37 year old living in the East Bay near San Pablo Bay. I have worked as a Gallery Assistant at a small community college and am a medical assistant who has trained as a phlebotomist. I need to find time in my busy schedule as the mother of a very active toddler to study and get my phlebotomist's license. Interests include cheese, exotic beverages (not the alcoholic kind), ethnic food, improving my culinary skills, bacon, reading, music of all genres and combining all of the above together with friends! Last but not least, I love being the mother of a beautiful, sweet darling little girl. How lucky am I?

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  1. oh no, i’ve been trying to watch the video (in two separate days) but somehow it doesn’t play! i checked the original youtube link too! hhhmmm…

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