Portrait of a relationship


This photo is so very Vermeer, isn’t it? Henrik Kerstens has made a career out of photographing his daughter, Paula.

I’m fascinated by the changes in her face.

I also love the reality in the photos, no exfoliation.


About megstar73

I'm a 37 year old living in the East Bay near San Pablo Bay. I have worked as a Gallery Assistant at a small community college and am a medical assistant who has trained as a phlebotomist. I need to find time in my busy schedule as the mother of a very active toddler to study and get my phlebotomist's license. Interests include cheese, exotic beverages (not the alcoholic kind), ethnic food, improving my culinary skills, bacon, reading, music of all genres and combining all of the above together with friends! Last but not least, I love being the mother of a beautiful, sweet darling little girl. How lucky am I?

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  1. my internet is sucking time from my life today, so i will be back to view vids later…but you’re so right i was laughing my head off!

    vermeer! totally! plastic bag and all…i’ve got to check out this guy.

    {and do you know i’ve been trying to think of a post that uses all the words you hate? preggers, hubby, and more that i’ll just assume you despise. but it’s a lot of work. and i’m not sure anyone but you would get my joke.}

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