Music meme


Here’s a musical meme via Jason, at the Washington Interns Gone Bad blog has “sent” along. You pick 7 songs that you are currently into, and then, if you like, a YouTube link. This is really hard for me to narrow down, because i’m always into way more than 7 songs, but I’ll do my best!

1. Parentheses: The Blow
I’ve been listening to this song for ages. it’s been played 43 times on my computer alone, lord knows how many times I’ve played it on my iPod.


2. Gene Autry- Beulah
I’ve posted this before, but Beulah is such a great band, they deserve all the glory that they can get. The only regret I have is that they are defunct. They are still in regular rotation in my jukebox though, because the sound is so good and fresh, quality is like that. “Mean, mean Gene’s got a beautiful voice. He carries me home on his beautiful horse.”

“Gene Autry”

3. Mercy, Mercy ,Mercy- Cannonball Adderley Quintet
Oh, it’s just fabulous.

“Mercy, Mercy, Mercy”

4.Little Bit of Feel Good – Jamie Lidell
Jamie Lidell knocked my socks off last week during his live show at Bimbo’s 365 Club in San Francisco. His vocal chops are off the wall, he sounds amazing live, and does amazing things with a synthesizer and his voice. If you have the opportunity to check him out DO NOT PASS IT UP! His band was especially tight, and they were really fun to see. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long while.

“Little Bit Of Feel Good”

5. Again & Again- The Bird and The Bee

“Again & Again”

6. Right As Rain – Adele
This young lady recorded this album when she was 19. WTF? When I was nineteen I was just up to no good. To have made a lasting contribution to the musical world, that would have never occurred to me, nor would it have been possible ( I can’t sing, I only think I can when I play Rock Band).

“Right As Rain”

7. Political Science- Randy Newman
Ahh, A favorite ever since childhood, this never gets old. Randy Newman is a national treasure. Somehow, there are still people who don’t get the sarcasm of “Short People”, but F’ em! Randy sounds as good as he did when he was young, keep ’em coming, man.

“Political Science”


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I'm a 37 year old living in the East Bay near San Pablo Bay. I have worked as a Gallery Assistant at a small community college and am a medical assistant who has trained as a phlebotomist. I need to find time in my busy schedule as the mother of a very active toddler to study and get my phlebotomist's license. Interests include cheese, exotic beverages (not the alcoholic kind), ethnic food, improving my culinary skills, bacon, reading, music of all genres and combining all of the above together with friends! Last but not least, I love being the mother of a beautiful, sweet darling little girl. How lucky am I?

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