Daily Archives: March 14, 2008

Cokie Robert


The Blow Monkeys lead singer goes by the name of Dr.Robert. From the look of him, he spent the eighties nose deep in a pile of his favorite cha-cha powder. This was one of my favorite songs. I clearly had no idea what the good doctor looked like, or I’d have been off my food. Apparently The Blow Monkeys are at work on a new album. Sorry, no monkeys in the video.

“Digging Your Scene”

Honey dripping down my walls


The Stathatos family has been living with a honeybee hive within the walls of their home for 25 years, but recently, the bees have gotten a bit out of hand. Now honey is actually dripping from the walls of one room.


Natch, this tale reminded me of The Honeydrippers.

“Sea of Love”

God is German


I went to high school with Arj Barker. He became known for some pretty hilarious crank call tapes, and then began doing stand-up. He put on a long standing series of comedy shows at a local coffee shop called Caffe Nuvo that attracted some great comedians. I think I went to every one. Later he produced them at a bar called Caffe Amsterdam. Good times. Arj moved on to the big time, now he can be seen on Flight of the Conchords, Comedy Central and internationally. He’s very popular in Australia and New Zealand. I’m still his Number One Fan though,(along with Sara R). Don’t try to tell me that you are.